Our commitment to you: Your contract is with Rare Escapes Ltd (hereinafter also referred to as "RE” or "we” or "us”), of Lexham Gardens, London, W8 5JB, United Kingdom, registered in England under Company No. 10336007. When you access the Rare Escapes website or use any service offered by us on it (‘the service’) you are accepting the following terms. In accepting these terms, you are also accepting the general rareescapes.co.uk website terms of use and corresponding cookies policy. In the case of any dispute, neither document stands alone or carries authority over the other.

By booking with Rare Escapes you agree to adhere to both our terms and conditions and those of the host providing the experience. We will supply you with details of your hosts Terms and Conditions when a booking has been confirmed. 


Rare Escapes provides the services of an online marketplace that connects clients (hereinafter also referred to as "travellers” or "customers”) with hosts (hereinafter also referred to as "suppliers” ) .  

By booking with Rare Escapes you agree to adhere to both our terms and conditions and those of the host providing the experience. All host Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

When taking part in an activity and in the event of any difference between a supplier’s terms and conditions and these booking conditions, the supplier’s conditions will apply in respect of that difference. Where appropriate the supplier’s terms and conditions will be made available to as part of the Rare Escapes customer information booking form and should be fully and considered before confirmation of booking with Rare Escapes.  You may also be required to sign a terms and conditions/disclaimer with the activity provider before taking part in an activity.  

Any dealings between you and any supplier, including the delivery of products or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and the relevant supplier, and are done so at your own risk.

You agree not to hold us responsible or liable for any inconveniences, financial losses of any kind, injury and/or damages of any kind to persons or property arising from any dealings with any supplier. We expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or injury arising at any time out of:

·      the activities of any supplier, including but not limited to mal-practice, negligence or otherwise

·      the products or services offered by a supplier

·      information given by any supplier, regarding their products and services

·      the purchase of, or inability to purchase, any supplier’s products or services

The terms and conditions of the supplier(s) of your confirmed arrangements will apply to your booking. These terms and conditions may limit and/or exclude the merchant’s liability to you. It is your responsibility to check these prior to entering into any agreement.

Information Provided 

Any information provided by Rare Escapes on such matters as climate, clothing, baggage, travel, accommodation, activities, locations, special equipment etc. is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of Rare Escapes.

Website and Official Marketing Materials Accuracy

We rigorously check the information about accommodation, activity providers, itineraries etc., on all marketing channels to ensure it is correct to the best of our knowledge. Advertised web copy descriptions and facilities may change before and after you book. Please check the up to date position at the time of booking. Tours, excursions and activities itineraries may change as a result of local conditions. Circumstances such as these, or weather conditions, time of year or other situations beyond our control etc., may cause some of the amenities we have described to be unavailable or different from those advertised. When we are told of any significant or long term changes we will always endeavour to advise you prior to your departure.

’From Prices’

A ‘from’ price is indicative of the lowest price available for the package or itinerary featured but this may vary depending on a number of factors such as your date of travel and choice of accommodation and/or activity and number of people in your group. Please get in touch with the Rare Escapes office to confirm prices.

Booking and Payment


To confirm your booking you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the trip price. Your balance must be paid by the due date shown on your invoice or in correspondence and failure to do so may result in the cost being increased or ultimately cancellation. Once we receive your deposit and having accepted your booking form, the contract between us will become binding and we will send you an invoice for the balance and advise you of the date for payment of the same. All RE marketing and website prices are quoted in UK Sterling and no payment will be accepted in any other currency.


Payment will be accepted by:-


·      Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Debit and Solo debit cards or Visa/Mastercard/American Express credit cards.

·      Bank Transfer (details available from our office – no surcharge applicable).


Cancellation of Booking

Any cancellation must be notified in writing by the person who made the booking. If you cancel your holiday:

a) more than 56 days (8 weeks) prior to the start of your holiday, you will only be charged your deposit.

b) between 56 and 28 days (8 and 4 weeks), you will be charged 50% of the holiday cost.

c) less than 28 days (4 weeks) before the start of your holiday or on or after the commencement of the holiday, you must pay the full holiday price.

Note: We appreciate that wholly unforeseen events may result in cancellation. We therefore strongly advise you to take out insurance against irrecoverable cancellation cost (see ‘Personal Travel Insurance’ below). You will be advised of the exact amount of any cancellation charge prior to the cancellation being finalised.


Changes or Cancellation by Us

Before you enter into a contract with us, we reserve the right to change any of the facilities, services or prices described on our website or any other official RE marketing materials. We also reserve the right to cancel the holiday. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a trip is not fulfilled, we may have to cancel your holiday. It is unlikely we will have to make any changes to your holiday and any changes are usually very minor.

If a major change becomes necessary, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your holiday begins. A major change is an alteration of the start or finish time of your holiday by more than 12 hours, a change of holiday location or a change to a lower standard of accommodation. When a major change or cancellation occurs you will have the choice of either accepting the change of arrangements, purchasing another available holiday from us, or cancelling your holiday. We will refund all payments made directly to us in respect of the holiday cost and travel insurance. We will not refund any personal expenses you may have incurred as a result of your booking such as train/bus travel, flights, travel insurance or equipment purchases or any additional components linked to your holiday. Where a major change or cancellation arises from circumstances amounting to force majeure (see below), we will endeavour to refund all sums as yet unpaid by us to our suppliers, however it is your responsibility to claim the remainder of any irrecoverable payments and charges from your travel insurers.


Changes Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control (Force Majeure)

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our obligations under our contract with you is prevented or affected by or you otherwise suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature as a result of "force majeure".  In these booking conditions, "force majeure" means any event or circumstances which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include, whether actual or threatened, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, epidemics, fire and other situations which are outside our control.

Changes by the client

If a client, after booking onto a trip and paying a deposit and/or full payment, would like to change onto an alternative trip, an additional administration fee of £50 is charged. If the trip originally booked starts within 56 days of the request to change trips being made, any such change may be treated as a cancellation by the client, in which case the cancellation conditions in section 2 will apply.


Adventure Travel and Client Responsibility 

The following information refers to packages sold by Rare Escapes that include potentially hazardous activities and activities in general. 

In this instance, it is a fundamental booking condition that you accept the hazards involved in this sort of trip and you accept that if your trip may visit remote and mountainous regions there is an element of on-tour flexibility. The itinerary stated in the trip dossier is indicative only and not a guarantee that a particular route will be followed or place reached. You must acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results, such as inconvenience and discomfort, are possible where unforeseen circumstances arise. You must have a level of fitness commensurate with your chosen trip and you are responsible for bringing the appropriate equipment, details of which will be sent to you at the time of booking. If, in the opinion of the staff on any given activity, your fitness or equipment may compromise the safety of a trip we reserve the right to cancel or terminate your holiday. In these circumstances, you will not be entitled to a refund nor compensation.

Illness or Disability

Anyone suffering from illness or disability or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition must declare the true nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment required during the tour. Failure to make such disclosure will constitute a breach of these Booking Conditions and may result in such persons being excluded from the tour in which case all monies paid will be forfeited and Rare Escapes will not be liable to pay any compensation whatsoever.

Personal Travel Insurance

Rare Escapes does not insure you for the activities carried out as part of our packages. We advocate client’s holding his or her own insurance and we work with Campbell Irvine insurance whose policies are specially designed for adventure holidays. This insurance can be arranged directly with Campbell Irvine by telephone, email, post or online and we will send details along with your booking confirmation. Campbell Irvine can provide travel insurance for all EU residents (other than those of Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Montenegro and the Ukraine). If you reside outside the EU the Campbell Irvine have partnered with IMG Globe Hopper, who can arrange insurance for persons living anywhere in the world.

In the event of emergency medical rescue and/or repatriation from a trip by whatever means, the responsibility of such costs will be borne by the client. It is therefore essential that adequate cover is in place. We strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy at the same time as booking.

All luggage and personal equipment are, at all times, at your own risk. We will not be responsible whatsoever for any loss, damage to your luggage and/or personal equipment. We therefore recommend that your insurance policy includes cover for baggage and personal items.

Medical Conditions & Dietary Requirements

If you, or any of your party, are affected by a medical condition which may affect your or other people’s enjoyment of the holiday, you must advise this at the time of booking. Similarly if your trip includes meals you must advise us of dietary requirements at the time of booking.


Independent Travel Arrangements

We will not be responsible or liable for your actions or your safety for any independent travel you undertake before, during (if you choose to leave) or after the holiday.


It is the Clients’ responsibility to ensure that he/she and the members of their Party do not behave in a way which causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage or causes actual damage to property belonging to others. In such circumstances all suppliers (e.g. accommodation and activity providers) and Rare Escapes have the right to terminate arrangements made on the Clients’ behalf, in which case RE responsibility to the Client ceases immediately. Therefore, RE will not be liable for any refunds, payment of compensation or reimbursement of any cost or expenses incurred as a result. Further, the Client will be liable to reimburse RE for any expenses whatsoever that it incurs as a result of such behaviour.

All participants in tours/packages operated by Rare Escapes are expected to obey the laws and regulations of the countries visited and any failure to do so will relieve RE of all obligations that it may otherwise have under the Contract.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about the holiday you should make it known to the Rare Escapes office (07802503387) as soon as possible so that we can help find an agreeable solution during your trip. Any outstanding complaint not resolved during the trip should be notified to us in writing within 30 days of the scheduled date of return.

Your Financial Protection 

Rare Escapes Ltd complies with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations and we are a member of Protected Travel Services which offers the following guarantees to consumers with regards to their protection:

"Protected Travel Services (PTS) was set up to provide the consumer with the highest level of financial protection in the Travel Industry. PTS provides you with complete protection against the failure of both the travel company you book with as well as the suppliers they use. This protection lasts from the point that you book your holiday through to the point when you return.


You can enjoy every holiday booked through a PTS client knowing that you have 100% financial protection and full peace of mind at all times.


PTS provide consumer protection in simple ways:


·      You buy a holiday (or part of a holiday) from a client of PTS (Rare Escapes)

·      All money Rare Escapes collects from you is paid directly into an independently controlled trust account

·      You are provided with a link to our PTS system, which allows you to confirm PTS have your money in the trust account. The link will also provide you with an online itinerary for your holiday

·      PTS arrange all payments for your holiday to go direct from the trust account to the suppliers. These payments are checked and authorised by the independent trustees

·      You will always be protected against the insolvency of the travel company you booked with (Rare Escapes) or any of their suppliers from the time you make your first payment until after you have travelled


The Trust Account

Solicitors and accountants have always had to hold their customers money in trust accounts. The principle is very simple; it is your money so your travel company should hold it separately and not use it to run their business.

All clients of PTS are contractually bound to pay any money they receive from customers into the trust account. All card payments taken by PTS clients can only be paid into the trust account.”


For more information on how your money is protected please contact PTS  on 0207 190 9988 or info@protectedtravelservices.com for further details

Variation of Booking Conditions

The booking conditions may only be waived by a Director of Rare Escapes in writing. When you sign the booking form you agree to accept all these booking conditions, and when we accept your booking we agree to carry out our obligations to you as defined in holiday information provided to you. Both sides of this agreement are made subject to, and must be interpreted and enforced according to English Law in an English Court.



Activity, accommodation and location specific images featured in our official marketing material and website are used for illustration purposes only. Your specific accommodation and activity may differ from the representation provided. Clients agree that any images taken of their likeness whilst a participant on tours provided by Rare Escapes or through the supply of image(s) by fellow clients can be used in any form of media for the Company.

Privacy Policy 

In order to process your booking, the Company needs to collect certain personal details from you. These details will usually include the names and addresses of party members, credit/debit or other payment details and special requirements such as those relating to any disability or medical condition that may affect the holiday arrangements. We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. 

We must pass some information on to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements (activity providers, accommodation providers, transport companies etc.).

Except where expressly permitted by the Data Protection Act 1998, the Company will only deal with the personal details you give to the Company as set out above unless you agree otherwise. We may make contact with you or members of your holiday party by post, e-mail, or telephone for the purposes set out. We will also use your information to inform you of offers in the future or to send you brochures. If you do not wish to receive such approaches in the future then please let us know as soon as possible by telephone, letter or e-mail us at hello@rareescapes.co.uk. If we do contact you by e-mail about our new brochures or special offers, you will also be able to unsubscribe yourself from our database at this time.

Rare Escapes Ltd –  January 2018 

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